Poly-styrofoam glue
Poly-styrofoam glue (excellent effect on foam)
1. PL-20A: 20gm aluminum tube poly-styrofoam glue

2. PL-30:
30gm poly-styrofoam glue

3. PL-100:
100gm poly-styrofoam glue

4. PL-250: 250gm poly-styrofoam glue
Technical Data Sheet-PL4050
PL4050 is a liquid resin, made of Vinyl Acetate and Methanol. PL4050 can be soluble in organic solvents, such as Methanol, Acetone, Ethyl Acetate. It is all-purpose adhesive.
Physical Properties
Solid Content 572% Solvent Methanol 43%
Flash point 12J Viscosity(25J, Brookfield) 7000-12000 cPs
Shelf Life 12 months Formula CH2-CHO-CO-CH3
Directions for use
1. Ensure the bonded surfaces are clear, dry and free from oil and grease.
2. Product is normally hand applied from the bottle. Dispense a drop (drops) to one side and hold two parts a few seconds, until handling strength is achieved.
3. Store in a cool, dry area (20J~25J) and out of direct sunlight.
Health & Safety
PL4050 adhesive bonds skin and eyes in seconds, please avoid contact with skin and eyes. If accidental skin bonding happens, please wash with warm soapy water and pry skin apart using a blunt instrument (such as a teaspoon handle). In case of eye contact, bath immediately with water and seek medical attention immediately.

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